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import logging
from collections import defaultdict
from typing import Optional

import numpy as np
import torch
from torch.nn import Linear

from import SupervisedPlugin
from import (

[docs]class CWRStarPlugin(SupervisedPlugin): """CWR* Strategy. This plugin does not use task identities. """
[docs] def __init__(self, model, cwr_layer_name=None, freeze_remaining_model=True): """ :param model: the model. :param cwr_layer_name: name of the last fully connected layer. Defaults to None, which means that the plugin will attempt an automatic detection. :param freeze_remaining_model: If True, the plugin will freeze (set layers in eval mode and disable autograd for parameters) all the model except the cwr layer. Defaults to True. """ super().__init__() self.log = logging.getLogger("avalanche") self.model = model self.cwr_layer_name = cwr_layer_name self.freeze_remaining_model = freeze_remaining_model # Model setup self.model.saved_weights = {} self.model.past_j = defaultdict(int) self.model.cur_j = defaultdict(int) # to be updated self.cur_class = None
def after_training_exp(self, strategy, **kwargs): self.consolidate_weights() self.set_consolidate_weights() def before_training_exp(self, strategy, **kwargs): if self.freeze_remaining_model and strategy.clock.train_exp_counter > 0: self.freeze_other_layers() # Count current classes and number of samples for each of them. data = strategy.experience.dataset self.model.cur_j = examples_per_class(data.targets) self.cur_class = [ cls for cls in set(self.model.cur_j.keys()) if self.model.cur_j[cls] > 0 ] self.reset_weights(self.cur_class) def consolidate_weights(self): """Mean-shift for the target layer weights""" with torch.no_grad(): cwr_layer = self.get_cwr_layer() # calculate the average of the current classes globavg = np.average( cwr_layer.weight.detach().cpu().numpy()[self.cur_class] ) for c in self.cur_class: w = cwr_layer.weight.detach().cpu().numpy()[c] # subtract the weight average to the weights # to obtain zero mean new_w = w - globavg # if the class has been already seen if c in self.model.saved_weights.keys(): wpast_j = np.sqrt( self.model.past_j[c] / self.model.cur_j[c] ) # consolidation self.model.saved_weights[c] = ( self.model.saved_weights[c] * wpast_j + new_w ) / (wpast_j + 1) self.model.past_j[c] += self.model.cur_j[c] else: # new class self.model.saved_weights[c] = new_w self.model.past_j[c] = self.model.cur_j[c] def set_consolidate_weights(self): """set trained weights""" with torch.no_grad(): cwr_layer = self.get_cwr_layer() for c, w in self.model.saved_weights.items(): cwr_layer.weight[c].copy_( torch.from_numpy(self.model.saved_weights[c]) ) def reset_weights(self, cur_clas): """reset weights""" with torch.no_grad(): cwr_layer = self.get_cwr_layer() cwr_layer.weight.fill_(0.0) for c, w in self.model.saved_weights.items(): if c in cur_clas: cwr_layer.weight[c].copy_( torch.from_numpy(self.model.saved_weights[c]) ) def get_cwr_layer(self) -> Optional[Linear]: result = None if self.cwr_layer_name is None: last_fc = get_last_fc_layer(self.model) if last_fc is not None: result = last_fc[1] else: result = get_layer_by_name(self.model, self.cwr_layer_name) return result def freeze_other_layers(self): cwr_layer = self.get_cwr_layer() if cwr_layer is None: raise RuntimeError("Can't find a the Linear layer") freeze_everything(self.model) unfreeze_everything(cwr_layer)