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import copy

import torch

from avalanche.models import avalanche_forward, MultiTaskModule
from import SupervisedPlugin

[docs]class LwFPlugin(SupervisedPlugin): """ A Learning without Forgetting plugin. LwF uses distillation to regularize the current loss with soft targets taken from a previous version of the model. This plugin does not use task identities. When used with multi-headed models, all heads are distilled. """
[docs] def __init__(self, alpha=1, temperature=2): """ :param alpha: distillation hyperparameter. It can be either a float number or a list containing alpha for each experience. :param temperature: softmax temperature for distillation """ super().__init__() self.alpha = alpha self.temperature = temperature self.prev_model = None self.prev_classes = {"0": set()} """ In Avalanche, targets of different experiences are not ordered. As a result, some units may be allocated even though their corresponding class has never been seen by the model. Knowledge distillation uses only units corresponding to old classes. """
def _distillation_loss(self, out, prev_out, active_units): """ Compute distillation loss between output of the current model and and output of the previous (saved) model. """ # we compute the loss only on the previously active units. au = list(active_units) log_p = torch.log_softmax(out[:, au] / self.temperature, dim=1) q = torch.softmax(prev_out[:, au] / self.temperature, dim=1) res = torch.nn.functional.kl_div(log_p, q, reduction="batchmean") return res def penalty(self, out, x, alpha, curr_model): """ Compute weighted distillation loss. """ if self.prev_model is None: return 0 else: with torch.no_grad(): if isinstance(self.prev_model, MultiTaskModule): # output from previous output heads. y_prev = avalanche_forward(self.prev_model, x, None) # in a multitask scenario we need to compute the output # from all the heads, so we need to call forward again. # TODO: can we avoid this? y_curr = avalanche_forward(curr_model, x, None) else: # no task labels y_prev = {"0": self.prev_model(x)} y_curr = {"0": out} dist_loss = 0 for task_id in y_prev.keys(): # compute kd only for previous heads. if task_id in self.prev_classes: yp = y_prev[task_id] yc = y_curr[task_id] au = self.prev_classes[task_id] dist_loss += self._distillation_loss(yc, yp, au) return alpha * dist_loss def before_backward(self, strategy, **kwargs): """ Add distillation loss """ alpha = ( self.alpha[strategy.clock.train_exp_counter] if isinstance(self.alpha, (list, tuple)) else self.alpha ) penalty = self.penalty( strategy.mb_output, strategy.mb_x, alpha, strategy.model ) strategy.loss += penalty def after_training_exp(self, strategy, **kwargs): """ Save a copy of the model after each experience and update self.prev_classes to include the newly learned classes. """ self.prev_model = copy.deepcopy(strategy.model) task_ids = strategy.experience.dataset.task_set for task_id in task_ids: task_data = strategy.experience.dataset.task_set[task_id] pc = set(task_data.targets) if task_id not in self.prev_classes: self.prev_classes[str(task_id)] = pc else: self.prev_classes[str(task_id)] = self.prev_classes[ task_id ].union(pc)