class avalanche.benchmarks.scenarios.ClassificationExperience(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Definition of a classification experience.

A classification experience contains a set of patterns which has become available at a particular time instant. The content and size of an Experience is defined by the specific benchmark that creates the IExperience instance.

For instance, an experience of a New Classes scenario will contain all patterns belonging to a subset of classes of the original training set. An experience of a New Instance scenario will contain patterns from previously seen classes.

Experiences of Single Incremental Task (a.k.a. task-free) scenarios are usually called “batches” while in Multi Task scenarios an Experience is usually associated to a “task”. Finally, in a Multi Incremental Task scenario the Experience may be composed by patterns from different tasks.

__init__(*args, **kwargs)


__init__(*args, **kwargs)



This property is DEPRECATED, use self.benchmark instead.


The task label.


This list will contain the unique task labels of the patterns contained in this experience.


A reference to the original stream from which this experience was obtained.


A reference to the benchmark.


This is an incremental, 0-indexed, value used to keep track of the position of current experience in the original stream.


The dataset containing the patterns available in this experience.